One of the world’s largest trading firms wanted to design and execute a competency mapping framework for its field sales force. A major challenge was to create a structure which would support the assessment of the sales staff, assign a learning path, manage one-one & one to many interactions (virtually), creating a coaching framework and grading assignments, this with a view assign the right person to the right job and help stem the churn in the field sales force.


Companies spend considerable sums of monies on recruitment, and lose money when the right people are not assigned to the right job, leading in high churn rates.


TAP – the Talent Assessment Programme

The TAP engine can be used to craft and execute a competency mapping frame work that can conduct pre-assessments (360 degree/third party/proprietary assessments supported), assign learning paths to groups and/or individuals, set up virtual interactions between the participants and facilitators/coaches, help populating coaching sheets, assignment & assessments of on the job tasks and generation of reports all from a single platform. Additionally, virtual Sales Enablement Training is now readily available whenever, wherever the sales professional needs it.


NuVeda’s flexible and robust learning platform CALF™ allows the mapping of competencies of the work force and gives the user the freedom to execute the same from a single platform using powerful assessment engine combined with the flexibility of content management and virtual interactions.

  • Companies save monies by using the hire-train-deploy model digitally.
  • Companies save monies on hiring and retaining their work force.
  • The field sales staff now always have a guide on their side through “TAP” mobile app.
  • The field sales staff now receive on the job training and guidance to.