A training company with a worldwide reach in 45+ countries was struggling with managing their training deliveries because much of their work was done manually using pen and paper. Additionally, they struggled with their certification process which kept changing from time to time.


The company spent considerable sums of monies on fixing issues, reworking things, and also lost revenue due to manual inaccuracies.


SOULHEAL – the Just-in-time Soul Healing Training App

Virtual Soul Healing Training and certification is now readily available whenever, wherever the student needs it.


NuVeda’s flexible and robust learning platform CALF™ allows students to take the soul healing courses from the e-commerce marketplace for self-paced and live stream training and certification courses whenever and wherever they need it.

  • The company streamlined all their training processes increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • The certification process became more effective, contributing to revenue growth.
  • Students are now able to access the courses from all over the globe. More than 45+ countries are active on the platform.