A large insurance company wanted to train its field sales force. A major challenge was to backfill a number of vacant field sales slots because of the high rate of attrition in the field sales force.


Companies spend considerable sums of monies on recruitment, and lose money when there are not enough field sales personnel to sell.


RESET – the Just-in-time Recruitment and Sales Enablement Training App

The assessment engine can be used to conduct exams and recruit field sales personnel virtually. Additionally, the assessment engine incorporates video proctoring to ensure that there is no plagiarism or cheating involved.
Additionally, virtual Sales Enablement Training is now readily available whenever, wherever the sales professional needs it.


NuVeda’s flexible and robust learning platform CALF™ allows Sales professionals to be recruited using its powerful assessment engine and field sales personnel benefit from quality content for self-paced and virtual classroom training and coaching using their smart phones.

  • Conduct proctored assessments and recruit people in large numbers, and in diverse locations.
  • Companies save monies on travel, hotel and meals and time to travel.
  • Sales professionals always have a guide on their side through “RESET” mobile app.
  • Sales professionals receive just-in-time sales training.