Leadership training is always needed but hard to measure, in terms of impact. Most companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars training their managers and leaders, but do not have a good idea of how to measure the impact of their training.


Leadership training is absolutely necessary. When you do not know what metrics the leadership training delivered, it makes it harder to make the business case to train leaders. Leadership training companies get constantly asked for such metrics by their customers.


PROLEAD – A scientific way of measuring training and creating great leaders.

After the leadership training sessions or modules, participants actively record their learning using Learning Application Posts (LAPs) and document their impact very easily for approval.


NuVeda’s CALF™ platform allows participants to post their LAPs and impact metrics from the leadership course or training. The outcomes are published to supervisors and CEO's of the company for review, comments and potentially resubmission. The participant activities are gamified for improved engagement and performance.

CEO’s and supervisors/managers get real-time tracking of the participant’s progress and can review the impact metrics.

  • Participants get feedback from their managers/supervisors and peers quickly and can readjust as appropriate.
  • Learning outcomes are measured and validated by their managers or supervisors.
  • Real-time tracking of participant’s progress and its impact on employee performance and business outcomes are readily available.
  • Business impact of the leadership training is available at the click of a button. ROI of leadership training can be calculated if needed.