A large Human Resource consulting company wanted a way to assess candidates of their client company on the strengths and weaknesses of their leaders. They needed an easy way to customize the assessments for their clients, brand their communications, and reports according to the brand of their clients.


While the company found several 360 Survey solutions in the market, they could not find one that could be easily customized to suit their client needs. It needed multiple iterations and rework.


– A comprehensive 360-degree feedback offering that helps companies gather feedback and create a personalized development plan. The feedback platform allows you to easily customize and brand communications to suit your client’s needs.


Employees can be rated by different managers, peers, subordinates, customers, etc on specific competencies and their behavior and analyze their skill gaps and provide the just-in-time training for employees that they require.

  • Easily author and brand custom surveys on-demand using .
  • Manage multiple deployments of 360 Feedback Assessments simultaneously in one platform.
  • Brand & Personalize all communications to each candidate and their respondents.
  • Deliver personalized development reports to each candidate.