The largest eyecare organization in the world wanted to train all its healthcare personnel, assess and monitor their training and ensure compliance with regulatory certifications. All of these were handled by pen and paper.


There was a tremendous loss of productivity in maintaining the regulatory compliance and ensuring an error-free certification process. Errors in these processes can have severe ill-effects.


HEATA – the Just-in-time Healthcare Training App

NuVeda’s customized the assessment engine of the CALF™ platform to be used to conduct exams and manage regulatory compliance. Additionally, a new role of a manual assessor was created to assess the students through their certification process.


NuVeda’s flexible and robust learning platform CALF™ allows health and eye care professionals to be trained and certified using its powerful assessment engine.

  • Improved productivity & efficiency of the Training department.
  • More accurate training process and certifications.
  • Healthcare professionals can access their training content through the “HEATA” App, anytime, anywhere.
  • An additional benefit was the creation of a visitor online library. Many thousands of users register and get free access to this library. NuVeda is pleased to be part of this noble and worthy cause.