Many companies are reacting to the Corona Virus outbreak by conducting events online. However, they find it hard to reschedule events, for example – move classes by a week or a month, if needed.


Employees do not receive the training they need in time and negatively impact the company’s performance. Considerable manual work and rework is necessary to reschedule events, resulting in lost productivity and potential revenue, in the case of Training companies.


Fearless Training with CALF™

Train Fearlessly by using CALF™ - The Learning Platform with an integrated virtual classroom solution.
Simply sign up for CALF™ today and continue your training operations seamlessly; reschedule your events easily at the click of a button.


Virtual events are easily conducted using the CALF™ platform because of its integration with Zoom. Rescheduling events is easy and achieved through the click of a button.

  • Participants can continue to be trained using the virtual classroom solution that is embedded within CALF™.
  • There is no need for any cancellations, and employees can get trained in time.
  • Increase ROI for the company by saving travel and lodging costs.
  • Training Companies can schedule more sessions as required for customers, potentially expanding their training footprint.