• Learning the English language or preparing for a language-based examination is always cumbersome for non-native English speakers.
  • Each student has his own limitations in terms of learning a language and measuring this is often subjective in conventional training methods.
  • Many good Language trainers are finding it expensive to set up a digital language learning system.
  • Language training institutes find it challenging to keep up with the growing demands of modern language based examinations.
  • Students lose interest in learning because of these gaps in the conventional learning process.
  • Students find it difficult to pass English Language examinations because of the gaps in the learning process.
  • E-Lang – is a real-time English language learning app. This will help you learn the English language or prepare for an English exam on the go.
  • It works on the algorithm which is based on the theory of Memory by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a famous German psychologist.
  • NuVeda’s flexible and robust language learning platform CALF™ allows students to benefit from the unique Ebinghaus theory-based algorithm.
  • It helps the student to revise the words or language elements in a defined frequency which makes it easy to remember.
  • It also helps language teachers to pick and choose what a particular student has to concentrate on.
  • No need for a physical classroom or a tutor to learn a new language. Learning a language on the go.
  • Real-time analytics for teachers to understand individual student’s limitations for specific topics.
  • The only platform that guarantees efficacy in language learning.
  • Preparing for an English language examination is easier than ever.