Frequently asked questions

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What does the Interview Diagnostic do?

The Interview diagnostic tests you on your soft skills required to navigate your first interview. It helps you become aware of what you need to learn to pass your first interview.

Is the Interview Diagnostic FREE?

YES. Absolutely free. You're free to download your personalized report after taking the diagnostic.

Does the Interview Diagnostic test technical skills (programming, BFSI, Web development, etc)?


Does the Interview Diagnostic guarantee you a job?

NO. But it will make you aware of the soft skills that need improvement.

Who has developed the Interview Diagnostic?

Experts at NuVeda Learning Private Ltd. They hold Ph.D.'s and have considerable expertise in this regard.

Can I see where I stand vis-a-vis other candidates?

Yes - we show you data that lets you benchmark yourself against other candidates.

Can I refer other candidates?

Absolutely! If you like it, please refer your friends or other candidates using any of the social logins FB, Google or Whatsapp.

What do I do after I take this diagnostic?

Follow the recommendations you get after the diagnostic. You can take a 12-week ONLINE program on improving your soft skills. This is comprehensive, and will enable you to make a favorable impression on your first interview.