Our Client Success stories

A multinational company involved in Management and Leadership development wanted to ensure that a consistent methodology was followed across all franchises spread across 60 plus countries. In addition, the company wanted to demonstrate business impact of their leadership development programs to their end clients.

A key aspect of the company’s leadership program is the year long, sustained methodology using a blended learning model during which participants are taken through different facets of leadership and management. The participants are encouraged to apply their training skills at their workplace and demonstrate quantifiable results on the job.

NuVeda’s CALF™ platform allowed the company to customize workflows and track compliance to their unique methodology and report financial benefits and other relevant metrics to their clients.

As a result of the CALF™ deployment, the company was able to standardize and easily deploy their content and methodology across locations around the world. The company also took advantage of the multi-lingual capability of the learning portal and deployed the learning portal in multiple languages.

Franchisees were now able to track the benefits for the client companies that they train. The franchisees also derived substantial efficiency benefits by being able to schedule training sessions and activities for their participants, monitoring their attendance and progress during the year. Finally, and most importantly, the participants are able to see the training roadmap for themselves and how they fare in comparison to their peers.

Crestcom Dashboard

Screenshot of our Client's Dashboard