Our Client Success stories

A large multinational retail organization wanted to regulate Employee onboarding as well as compliance in front office in retail stores across locations.

Initially the front office employees were trained for standard operating procedures and assessed by a supervisor. This was done manually and based on the assessment the employee would be allowed to move to another course or to the next level of courses. This seemingly would consume a lot of time and effort

Nuveda pitched in with a mobile-based solution and both the trainer and the trainees could access it easily with their smart phones.

MAX Dashboard

Screenshot of our Client's Mobile App

They were now able to easily use it for their Career progression and Career paths.

The solution also helped in reporting the history of the performance of the individual and a competency framework to scale up their performance.

It clearly served as a mechanism to identify gaps in the employees’ competency and suitably give them a learning path to complete courses and make them compliant with the needs of their job.

Overall the organization was able to use the Nuveda solution as a powerful induction tool as well as a Compliance tool.

The ease of the solution was that the Organization was able to pull up reports at just a click of a button.