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A leading health care organization (LAICO) involved in eye care wanted a learning platform for training their nurse practitioners across the globe. The eyecare organization wanted these practitioners (called Allied Ophthalmological Practitioners or AOPs) to be trained thoroughly and also be assessed for the expertise required for the job they do. Additionally, all AOPs are required to fulfill continuing education requirements to stay current.

These AOPs performed various tasks at different levels of job expertise. The higher level AOPs performed advanced and complex procedures that prepared the doctor for the eye examination of the patients. At each level, a certification was required and a certain number of re-certifications were required yearly for each AOP. Furthermore, the training also involved a specific workflow that followed a rigorous method of testing and compliance to specific procedures.

The entire system of training and learning was based on an Assessment framework that involved both competitive and applied assessments. An Assessor would physically examine the completion of the work done by the AOP and certify whether the candidate AOP may be allowed to advance to the next level or stay on for further training at the current level.

CALF™ was customized to provide all these compliance and recertification capabilities and provided the necessary workflows for trainers and assessors.

Finally, there was a requirement to provide the course material as a library for visitors to access and use. CALF™’s marketplace made it possible to actually create a full-fledged library and ophthalmological content was made available to various hospitals around the world, free of cost.

Explore the catalog live at: https://www.aurosiksha.org/

Aurosiksha Dashboard

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