Failures as a way to Simplify Learning

 14 July 2020 (0)

Today we talk about failures as a way to simplify learning.
I still remember the first time that I rode a bicycle, I understood how everybody did it but when I got around to trying on a bike, I could barely move a few yards & I would fall. I kept falling several times until I realized that I needed to keep pedaling to maintain my balance. The moment I realize that everything fell into place.
So sometimes when we try to simplify things for others we might want them to fail for them to learn the process.
Does this resonate with you?
I would be curious to know, Please share your stories with & I look forward to hearing it.
Thank you,
Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan
CEO, NuVeda Learning Pvt. Ltd. & NuVeda LLC

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